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AKITU ONE is a modern and advanced cloud-based software developed in Canada through a brilliant partnership between dentists and software developers. The vision of AKITU ONE is to meet the needs of the growing and evolving dental field in North America.

We offer modern solutions for your practice that meet the expecations of the evolving dental field. Schedule your demo with us and find out why Akitu One is the best choice to make for your clinic. But while you are here, let's list a few:

Cloud Practice

Cloud is the future and the benefits are many. You can catch up with work from the comfort of your home.

Online Forms

Integrated Online Forms will make your practice 100% paper-less and make a few trees happy!

Intuitive Design

Modern layout will bring you a pleasant user experience and increase your efficiency

Teeth Charting

Modern and easy to use charting. Create treatment plans and view tooth treatments summary

Facial Charting

Providing or thinking to provide Botox And Dermal Fillers treatments. We got you covered

Invoicing & E-Claims

Organize your finances with comprehensive features and automated accounts receivables


Want to know more?

Here are 10 reasons to choose us

Save big

Save thousands each year by switching to a cloud solution with Akitu One. You will be saving on IT maintenance, server cost, back ups... etc.

Go 100% paper-less

Online Forms in Akitu One is creatively integrated to take you paper-free. Create unlimited customized Online Forms like new patient in-take and COVID screening and send them to your patients to complete or complete them yourself!

Go with a company that appreciate innovation

Look at your current software, does it look like a software created for today? Or it looks like something created ages ago but now you are stuck with it.

Your Practice! Your Brand!

With branded email templates and customized messaging it will look and feel you are connecting with your patients directly

Don't be physically limited

Have to leave a little early to take your child from day care or you need to be somewhere but worried about those clinical notes? Worry not! you can finish them later from home!

Automated Accounts Receivables

Two words you need to know "Akitu Intillegence". It is our beloved one-click feature to automatically update your financial records. You will love it too, it is a BIG time saver

Reports on the go

You have a report for anything you want to know. Why that is important? Because nothing will slide through the cracks and you will be taking informed decisions based on real data

No sticky notes, seriously!

By going paper-less we mean no sticky notes too. We have electronic reminders and tasks for you and we have instant messaging to chat with your staff professionally

Botox and Dermal Fillers, if you need them

You may or may not need them now, but you always plan for future. Your practice will grow and you may start offering botox and dermal filler treatments. You are already covered no need to buy another software just for that!

ONE stands for All In One

We are all in one software, Akitu One is the only software you need to run your practice. We are constantly takeing feedback from our clients and we will be taking your feedback too and adding new features to our software

Get started today!

Join our growing team of professional dental clients! AKITU ONE will help you succeed and secure your practice's growth.


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