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Learning Made Easy!

Our team of champions guarantees your learning made easy and fun!

We have a full team of heroes at AKITU ONE ready to provide you and your team with different styles of training resources to best suit their learning strategy! You can say we are a whole institution dedicated toward your success!

All Resources In One Place

Because we are a Cloud-Based software, our diverse learning resources include videos and documents that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere and any place, online sessions from the comfort of your place of choice, and in-person sessions with our team of experts!

Your Pathway To Success

A simple and comprehensive list of videos and documents ready to be used by individuals, groups, or entire team that are guaranteed to answer any of your questions, and if not, we will personalize a resource just for you!

Our online and in-person training sessions will equip you with the knowledge and tools your team needs! We complete them in single or multiple sessions to meet you and your team’s learning style.

Global Settings & Customization Plan

Learn to set up your software settings to your needs. We train your team on how to tailor their user roles, and data for their preference.


Clinical & Charting Plan

Your team will fabricate grouped treatment, chart conditions & new treatment, and create & diagnose periodontal exam

Planner & Online Booking

Learn to set up online booking, and use planner to keep your schedule full by: scheduling recall, dental treatment, and broken care


Patient Creation & Scheduling Plan

Teach your administration team to create patient & family profiles, and scheduling & altering appointments.


Insurance & Billing Plan

Learn how to set up insurance plans, coordinate benefits, send predetermination, create invoices, and make adjustments/write offs.


Review & Discussion Plan

Review and discuss all questions from your team members with our expert trainers before you rock & roll!